About Dr. Chi

General and Cosmetic Dentist & Emergency Dentist in Seattle, WA

Hanbit Chi, DDS

Hanbit Chi, DDS, is an experienced dental specialist serving the team at Alki Dental in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Chi works closely with patients at the practice, ensuring he provides the best care possible. 

Dr. Chi is a graduate of the Kois Center, "Advancing Dentistry Through Science," a dental center in Seattle, Washington. He also completed courses at the Center for Endodontics and the Pikos Institute Inc in Trinity, Florida, with specialized training in implant reconstructions and full arch restoration. 

Dr. Chi practices functional dentistry. That means he focuses on dental services regarding how your jaw, teeth, surrounding muscles, and bones function. Dr. Chi knows that disorders manifested in the mouth can have repercussions that extend throughout the body and even affect a person’s immune system. You can feel confident in knowing Dr. Chi has over ten years of experience in the dental field. 

In the summer of 2022, Dr. Chi traveled to Guatemala to participate in a medical/dental mission to provide his dental services at no charge.

Dr. Chi is currently accepting both new and existing patients at his office in Alki Dental.