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Root Canal
Seattle, WA

Diagram of tooth showing tooth root at Alki Dental in Seattle, WAA root canal is a streamlined process that takes two appointments to complete. It is one of the most frequently performed restorative dental surgeries. The root canal immediately alleviates the issues and symptoms associated with diseased teeth. Patients who have been suffering from considerable tooth or gum pain should come into our office for a quick evaluation to determine if a root canal could help.

Root Canal Procedure

During the first appointment, we will remove all of the harmful plaque, bacteria, and associated dead tissue around the tooth. This needs to be done because if bacteria remains in the area, it can then spread the infection into the surrounding gum tissue eventually attacking the tooth and infecting the dentin and pulp. When this happens, it likely means the tooth will have to be extracted.

We will use anesthesia to numb the tooth and gums so the patient can remain comfortable during the procedure. A dental dam is put in place around the tooth in need of a root canal to keep the surgical area dry and clean. During the root canal, tools are used to expose the damaged interior of the tooth. Once the infection has been exposed, the damaged dentin and pulp are taken out, so no diseased tissue remains.

A rubbery substance which is easy to manipulate with fingers is then forced into the cleaned chamber in the tooth. A temporary filling is put in place while waiting for the crown to be placed. This can sometimes take up to a few weeks to come in.

Root Canal Recovery Expectations

As important as removing all of the diseased tissue during the actual process is to a successful result, it is just as important for patients to follow the post-procedure instructions to help ensure that the tooth will be saved. Patients need to continue to practice oral hygiene by continuing to floss and brush with regularity. This will ensure that bacteria will not be able to attack the repaired tooth. It is also very important for patients to come in for their bi-annual examinations and cleaning appointments. The tooth that had the root canal can be examined to make sure the crown is remaining in place and the crown has not become loose. This is important because if the crown becomes loose, the infection can get under the crown and attack the repaired part of the tooth.

As long as a patient continues to give proper care to the tooth that was repaired it will continue to remain healthy. Contact our practice at 206-791-2020 to learn more or schedule an appoointment.
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A root canal is one of the most frequently performed restorative dental surgeries. If you are in need of root canal therapy, call us at Alki Dental today to schedule an appointment!
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