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Rendering of removable partial dentureA conservative treatment by any standard, dentures can provide a great option for those patients who have suffered tooth loss due to their relatively low cost when compared to other options available. In most situations, the dentures are supported by the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Traditional dentures can be removed for cleaning and oral hygiene practices but other types can be permanently secured in the patient’s oral cavity.

There are many different causes of tooth loss which can include trauma, gum disease, or extensive tooth decay. It does not matter how or why the patient has suffered tooth loss. Restorative, artificial tooth solutions can be expensive. Dentures could be the answer.

Partial dentures secure to healthy teeth on either side of the empty space whereas full dentures are secured to the gums with an adhesive material. Any patient who is considering artificial tooth solutions should come see us at the office to find out if partial or complete dentures are the answer.

Different Denture Types

Patients who are considering a full set of dentures have two different types to choose from. The two different types are known as immediate or conventional dentures. They both are placed following tooth extractions. With the conventional denture, the healing time following the extraction is approximately three months. This allows for proper healing, so the gums are healthy and strong to support the denture.

With immediate dentures, they are placed right after the extraction procedure. This is a benefit to those patients who did not want to leave the office without a set of teeth. There may need to be follow-up appointments to reshape or contour the dentures if they begin to change in size.

Why Do I Need Dentures?

Patients who have suffered through tooth loss and want an artificial tooth solution often look to dentures as the solution. Without teeth to support the lips and cheeks they begin to sag inward and greatly change the way the patient looks. This can make them self-conscious and cause them to not want to socialize as much. It also makes it incredibly difficult to chew or eat without teeth.

Without teeth to provide the opposing forces necessary to keep the jaw bones healthy, they can begin to break down. When this happens, bone mass is lost and can result in a damaging infection.

Do I Need to Replace My Dentures?

The American Dental Association recommends patients change their dentures approximately every five years. Obviously, in some cases, they can last considerably longer if properly taken care of. It is important for patients to evaluate their dentures every day and look for signs of wear. Dentures are considerably softer than natural tooth enamel and can break down over time. Also, as patients age, their gumlines can shift and change requiring a different denture.

Patients should come to our office location for an evaluation so we can determine if a partial or full denture could be the solution for them. Contact the office at 206-791-2020 to schedule an appointment.
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