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Dental Crown
Seattle, WA

Rendering of jaw with dental crown at Alki Dental in Seattle, WATeeth with chips or fractures in them can be helped with the placement of a crown. They can help save the tooth and ensure its lifespan. It is always preferable to save the patient’s tooth. Even when the tooth has sustained severe damage, we want to preserve the tooth. This is because if the tooth is removed then other more involved restorative procedures will have to be done to ensure the proper pressure is restored to keep the jawbones healthy.

Crowns are small cap-like appliances that are put on top of a badly damaged or eroded tooth which can alleviate the associated symptoms and improve lost functionality. When patients have tooth pain, they tend to chew differently to try and alleviate the pain. This can cause jaw misalignment problems. Typically, crowns are made of either porcelain or ceramic.

What Are the Benefits of Crowns?

Losing adult teeth can be shocking for anyone. This can be a common occurrence when dealing with widespread tooth decay or the late stages of periodontal disease. A crown can help patients by strengthening a tooth that has been weakened by decay or disease. Crowns are sometimes placed following a root canal to protect the inner portions of the tooth that the root canal treated. They can also be used to cover discolored patches or a soft area of a tooth as well.

Why Are Porcelain Crowns the Best?

When patients have a choice, we recommend going with porcelain. It is the most widely chosen type of crown. Resilient, it offers a more natural feel to patients when they bite down.

Placement for Crowns

Patients must be patient because it does take more than one appointment to get a crown placed but it is necessary to correctly place the crowns. At the first appointment, we will take x-rays and prepare the site for placement. In many cases, there is a lot of diseased tissue which has to be removed prior to the placement procedures. There could also be damage to the surrounding supportive structure of the gums. We will analyze the x-rays and determine if there is enough bone mass to support the crown. When there is not, bone grafts are used to rebuild the lost mass.

Following the initial appointment, it generally takes a month to get a crown reshaped and tinted correctly to match the patient's teeth. Once we receive the crown, we can schedule the placement appointment and put the crown on the tooth.

Crown Longevity

Patients need to take care of their crowns to make them last as long as possible. This includes flossing and brushing regularly. Patients should also avoid sodas and specific kinds of fruits with high acidity because they can damage the crowns. Sticky foods are another thing to avoid.

We are always available to answer questions. Contact us at 206-791-2020 to schedule an appointment.
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Teeth with chips or fractures in them can be helped with the placement of a crown. Call Alki Dental today to schedule an appointment for yourself or your family!
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